Welcome to the Big Bake Competition Application Page! 

All you have to do is fill out the form below to be in with a chance of entering our competition.

Saturday 17th June - Celebration Cake Comp. - Any cake of your choice that will wow our judges in both appearance and in taste.

Sunday 18th June - Cupcake Competition - Six identical cupcakes that don't just look the same but taste the same too! 

The selected bakers will present their homemade cakes at no later than 11am on their chosen day. The winners will be announced at 4pm* on the day of their competition in the Kitchen Demonstration Theatre.

*Time subject to change.

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Once submitted you may be asked to supply images of some of your previous bakes - doing so will strengthen your chances in getting to the competition.

We will also be hosting a Big Bake Baking Competition in August on the 26th/27th/28th at Newstead Abbey!