Who doesn’t love a good old roast potato? Especially ones cooked in Duck Fat! Surely it’s the best way to cook a roastie, isn’t it?

If you are a lover of these, then Duck Fat Roasties are definitely a stand you’ll want to visit at our upcoming Great Food and Drink Festival at Prestwold Hall this year! The show will take place from April 30th-May 2nd and these will be just one of over a hundred stands pitching up and selling some incredible produce.

With locally sourced ingredients, which Duck Fat Roasties are “fanatical” about, they provide fantastic tasting roast potatoes that will have you salivating as you approach their stand.

With lower saturated fat and higher levels of monounsaturates and polyunsaturates, which both lower cholesterol, duck fat isn’t just ridiculously tasty but also considered the healthiest option to cook with.

And if by some miracle, Duck Fat Roasties still have any potatoes left after the show, they are not wasted! The company donate all unused potatoes to the Emmanuel House charity.

So if you want to try these gorgeous roasties, make sure you come down to Prestwold Hall and give them a try!